Archery Etiquette

Consideration for other archers and people on the archery field should be observed at all times.

By following these simple guidelines archery can be a safe and enjoyable sport for all.

  • No G.N.A.S. membership – No Shooting – No Exception.
  • Be prepared to help set out and clear the field.
  • Pay any due target fees promptly and without being asked.
  • Observe a maximum of FOUR archers per target, where practicable.
  • Please ask the target captain before you join a target.
  • Do not go forward of the shooting line until the field captain signals to do so.
  • Never run towards the targets – look for arrows on the ground.
  • When drawing arrows from the target make sure that no one is standing in the way.
  • Only draw a bow in the designated areas, and never point a drawn bow at anyone.
  • At Target Tournaments wear the appropriate clothing:- Dark Green, White or approved Neath Archers Club clothing.
  • Do not talk or smoke whilst on the shooting line.
  • When talking behind the waiting line – do so quietly and with regard to those still shooting.
  • Do not walk off the shooting line when the archers next to you are at full draw.
  • In looking for lost arrows every effort must be made not to hold up the shooting of others.
    As a rule, once all the other targets are clear of archers scoring or looking for arrows, the arrow searching party must return to behind the shooting line and continue after the next end.