Claiming Records

Neath Archers accept claims for records for any recognised round found in the Archery GB Rules of Shooting or the World Archery Rules of shooting.

Neath Archers Club record claims require evidence of achieving the required score.
Acceptable evidence includes:

  • Signed/witnessed score sheet (either electronic or paper based)
  • Official Tournament Results

When claiming a records, please submit a photo or screenshot of the scoresheet, or a link to the tournament results.

Records will be kept separately for men and women, and for 4 bow types (Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow) in the following categories:

  • Senior
  • Veteran 60+
  • Master 50+
  • Under 21
  • Under 18
  • Under 16
  • Under 14
  • Under 12
  • Visually Impaired


To claim a record, please complete the Record Claim Form